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How do you become part of the new paradigm of medicine? Few courses can cover the breadth of experience you will encounter in this course.  All topics are covered ranging from the basic principles of stem cell biology to the current advancements in stem cell clinical research and applications. In addition to the immense content included in the 5 lecture modules we offer a unique opportunity to learn about the practical applications of stem cells in the field of regenerative medicine. This practical module is designed for physicians and healthcare professionals who wish to further their studies in the application of the practice of stem cell therapies.

What's Included

Module 1

This unit discusses various types of stem cells including embryonic, pluripotent and induced puripotent stem cells. Understanding the basic properties and niches of stem cells will allow one to comprehend how they are being used in several therapies. The application of stem cells in the regeneration of tissues and the application for bone and metabolic diseases are among the main topics addressed. This units main purpose is to discuss how stem cells are key in regenerative medicine.

Module 2

This module focuses on stem cell therapy and the several ways they are being applied. Among the topics discussed are back and degenerative spinal disorders, platelet rich injections and orthopedic applications. Cell signaling, as well as growth factors and differentiation, are key to understanding the behavior of these cells. 

Module 3

This module discusses stem cells for treatment in different areas of the body, including Cardiovascular, Intestinal, and Liver stem cells. The module will also dive into the current perspectives of adult stem cells, stem cell banking, and cord blood, as well as introduce stem cell therapies from a patient perspective. Finally, this module will cover stem cell aging. 

Module 4

This module will cover stem cell therapies for cardiovascular, GI, and liver diseases, as well as introduce Huntington's Disease and Renal Repair therapies. The module will also cover mesenchymal, pluripotent, and Hematopoietic stem cells and their applications. Finally, the module will introduce natural cancer resistance and cover novel therapies for Cystic Fibrosis and Lung Diseases.

Module 5

This module dives into stem cell therapies for Cardiovascular and Neurological disorders, as well as clinical trials and clinical applications surrounding these areas. The module will also introduce the regulatory aspect of stem cell treatment, and cover the processing and preparation of stem cell and stem cell-related products. Finally, the module will move to a new area surrounding stem cells in adipose tissue.


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Complete Course & Practicals

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